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Confidence & Self-Esteem ‚Äč

An article by Lucy Seifert Life Coach London

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent “ Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you ever put yourself down? 

Life Coaching helps you dispel your doubts & focus on your talents & well-being

What are confidence and self-esteem?

Self-esteem is that inner sense of self-worth, having a healthy self-image, valuing who you are without being dependent upon others for approval. This is the concept of the assertiveness right that underlines the ability to behave assertively: “I have the right to relate to people without being dependent on them for approval”.

Confidence is to trust in your judgment, your abilities and professional competencies and have the ability to act in order to accomplish your goals in life. It is also how you present yourself, how you come across & so how others perceive you, as confident or unconfident.

In a nutshell, self-esteem is the human being and confidence, the human doing!

Ideally you will work towards having both self-esteem and confidence. While having innate self-esteem will increase your confident self-presentation, acting and behaving with confidence will also enhance your inner self-esteem. Together they comprise your personal power, that sense of self-belief combined with the ability to translate them into positive action.


Confidence quiz

- In which areas of your life would you like to enhance your confidence?
- Is it a work & career issue or would you like to feel more confident in personal matters, with family & friends?
- Do you feel shy in social situations or standing up and speaking to a group of people?
- Do you feel nervous at interviews?
- Are you worried about exams or going to university?
- Do you have concerns about a new job or role, perhaps managing staff for the first time?  
- Are you at the top of your field and feeling challenged by the expectations placed on you to deliver?
- In what other ways would you like to feel more confident?

Anyone can experience crises of confidence.

How can Lucy Seifert Life Coach London help?

Confidence coaching will build or enhance your self-esteem and confidence. This includes recognising the qualities and skills you have, as well which to enhance or acquire, and finding strategies to address situations where you feel unconfident or would like to feel more confident than you do at present.

There is a myriad of ways to enhance your self-respect and personal power, such as not comparing yourself to others, being able to handle criticism on the one hand and on the other hand to accept happily the compliments that come your way. You may wish to explore strategies and skills to deal with difficult people and to challenge put downs or other unpleasant and intimidating behaviours. Skills such as assertiveness, interview & public speaking skills, you can develop during our sessions either at my office in London or over the telephone.

Trainers and Coaches: for a guide to activities on confidence building, see my book 
"40 Activities for Training in Self-empowerment"

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