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Books for Trainers & Coaches

I have written and jointly authored five books published by Gower Publishing in the UK, USA, Europe and the Far East. These books and manuals contain guidelines and activities for use by professional trainers and coaches.
Gower is recognised as one of the world's leading publishers of specialist business & management books & resources

Training for Assertiveness - Lucy Seifert

Training for Assertiveness by Lucy Seifert
ISBN: 0 566 07516 4 

This book is a guide to good training practice, it has a unique dictionary of assertiveness skills plus forty activities from behaviour to managing anger and enhancing self-esteem.

Book Reviews:

What I especially liked was the depth and insight Lucy Seifert shows for her subject. (Management Training Magazine)

An encyclopaedic work to make life easier for the busy trainer. If you only have money for one Manual, then this is the one I would spend it on. (Counselling Magazine)

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40 Activities for Training in Self-Empowerment

40 Activities for Training by Life Coach Lucy Seifert

ISBN: 0566 07649 7

This book comprises ready-made exercises covering responsibility, teamwork, confronting, challenging and motivating.

Self-empowerment training encourages people to take responsibility for their personal and professional lives. It aims to increase individual motivation at work and so lift the overall level of commitment to the employing organization.

This manual contains a rich collection of exercise material to enable course participants to recognize, build and harness their inner power for the benefit of themselves and their employer.

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Pen and Paper Games for Training by Lucy Seifert

Pen and Paper Games by Lucy Seifert Life Coach LondonISBN: 0 566 08299 3 2001

Pictures, graphics, drawing and writing are key elements in the way that we communicate with each other, process information and learn. Original cartoons, clip art, competitions and conundrums are some of the means used to offer an enjoyable and productive experience for trainer and trainee in this book. Lucy Seifert's eclectic treasury of games and activities illustrates how pen and paper and flipchart paper are all valuable tools for learning.

The author has tested these games in a wide range of group training and one-to-one coaching, including assertiveness, customer care, public speaking and working across cultures.

Easy to set up, use and explain, undemanding on resources and technology, these games engage both trainer and trainee by putting the fun into learning.

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Troubleshooting for Trainers - by Lucy Seifert and Mary Stacey

Troubleshooting for Trainers by Life Coach Lucy Seifert

ISBN: 0 566 07914 3

What do you do when your client asks you to prepare a half-day course covering every aspect of communication? What do you do when you find yourself arriving two hours late for your time management seminar? How do you deal with the participant who never participates? Or the one who won't stop talking?
For each topic they describe the problem, give examples and present a range of possible solutions. They take the view that there is rarely one 'right answer': choose the response that best fits your own style and circumstances.

Troubleshooting for Trainers is destined to become a standard text for training professionals everywhere.

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Understanding Body Language

Understanding Body Language - chapter by Lucy SeifertA Collection of 20 Training Activities - Collaboration of various Authors

Clothes Talk & Busy Body by Lucy Seifert - ISBN: 0 566 08431 7

Our body language and our ability to read the non-verbal signals of those around us develop unconsciously from birth. Non-verbal signals are evidence both of the meaning behind the messages we may be trying to communicate verbally and of our state of mind.

Just as you are able to influence your state of mind with conscious action, so you can learn to consciously develop your skills of reading body language and your (self)awareness of the body language signals that you are conveying, allowing you to change them as appropriate.

This collection of 20 activities is drawn from a wide range of Gower activity manuals. Bringing together exercises that use NLP, observation, mime, coaching, feedback and a number of other techniques, allows us to create a very powerful body language training resource.

We have chosen the activities to allow you to vary the style of your training and to explore as many applications and dimensions of body language as possible. All of the activities are appropriate for general interpersonal skills training. Some of them are useful for particular contexts too, such as interviewing, coaching or negotiating.

North London and Long Distance

Whilst I am based in North London, location is not an issue as coaching is available via mobile and by Skype (video and audio) as well as in person. No matter where in the world you are, we can work together thanks to the possibilities offered by Skype video and voice calls, which are free.
Whether you live overseas or are travelling in Europe, the Americans, Asia or Australasia, Africa or the Middle East, we can ‘meet’ for coaching sessions without leaving the privacy of your home, office or university premises.

I offer Life Coaching and 1-2-1 Training in person at my comfortable London office overlooking a tropical garden. The office is near Golders Green & Finchley in North London and is local to North West London including Barnet, Camden, Edgware, Finchley, Hampstead, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Harrow, Hendon, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Pinner, Southgate, Stanmore, St John's Wood and Swiss Cottage. I can also be easily reached from north, south, east and west London via the A406 North Circular Road, Finchley Road and A1000, which runs from Hertfordshire to Oxford Street. Accessible from Borehamwood, Elstree, Hadley, Hertford, Radlett, St. Albans (Hertfordshire).  I also offer Life Coaching and Executive Coaching on the telephone and by Skype or a combination of all three.
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