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in     by Lucy Seifert 13-12-2018
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From little to large, no cost to ‘how long is a piece of string’, here are 21 ideas to give you a lift, plan ahead, make life easier, and so look forward to the coming year.

Of course everyone has different tastes and interests and I trust you will find some ideas here to use or that will trigger other thoughts for you:

  1. Earmark days across the year without appointments, make time for yourself to relax
  2. What do you love doing in your leisure time? Try a special interest holiday or course or weekend such as art, gardens, walking 
  3. Looking for holiday ideas? Unsure which company to use? Check out the British Travel Awards site to see which companies have top points from the people who travel with them.
  4. Use the New Year as an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, colleague or long lost relative you’ve been meaning to contact
  5. Say ‘thank you’ to someone you’re grateful to
  6. Allocate healthy eating days, …. or weeks!  
  7. Plan a day out to a place of interest, eg sporting event, historic site, interesting city
  8. Sit down, take stock, write down 3 things you would love to do in 2019 and mark them in your diary on the days  you will do them. Plan to make them happen.
  9. “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you” (Princess Diana)
  10. Watch a rerun of one of your favourite comedies
  11. Allocate regular, quality time to spend with those you most want to be with, family, partner, friends.
  12. Check the best films of the past year and note which you’ve missed and have a few film catch up sessions.
  13. Enjoy good food? Check out one of the special discount cards such as Tastecard - and use the App to find a wide range of world cuisine at 2 for 1 prices.   
  14. Book a weekend away, not too far away, easy to get to, a place where you can truly relax, breathe in fresh air not fumes and walk in the countryside
  15. Get rid of unwanted calls. If you haven’t done so already, register with the Telephone Preference Service & reduce the number of unwanted sales calls.
  16. How many of the treasure trove of museums and galleries have you visited this year? The British Museum, National Gallery, Natural History, Tate, V&A, a few of London’s many offerings?  Pick a special exhibition you want to see and book a ticket or go into the free sections of museums and galleries.
  17. Gather together some reading of your choice, poems, novels, biographies, and give yourself regular reading time or join a book group to share your reading experience with others
  18. If you are on your own and would like new connections, perhaps look into local clubs, Meet Ups, Solo Holidays and Just You, and if you are retired, check out your  local U3A (University of the Third Age) of try some volunteering.
  19. If you are adventurous,   look at one of the experience sites, like Red Letter Days or Virgin Experience to try something for the first time, find a fun activity for yourself, a friend or family, as well as restaurant and spa ideas. (This is not a blanket recommendation of those sites but where you can find inspiration for experiences)
  20. Choose a live performance that interests you – a band, ballet, classical, musical, opera, theatre – and book at least one of these. There are many sites offering availability and sometimes discounts, such as London Theatre Direct, Last, Official London Theatre and Seatplan. Take care when booking than they are not more expensive than buying direct from the venue.
  21. Build some routines into your life, as a counter to the uncertainties and pressures of life, and include work, activities, interests and times to relax so you build a regular work-life balance.

Using the above as prompts, make your own Feelgood Diary for the weeks and months ahead.

Wishing you the best for the festive season, whichever festivity you celebrate, and a positive New Year 2019.

Lucy Seifert





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